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Hi! My name is Brooke, and welcome to ScholarBrain!  I started ScholarBrain in 2021 out of a relentless passion for learning and for teaching others how to love to learn. As a person who has excelled in academia I understand the feeling of questioning why some things weren’t clear, why classmates were not asking the same questions that I had and often feeling like lessons were not explained thoroughly, or sometimes, at all! 

My solution was to start to develop my "ScholarBrain" and you can too! The ScholarBrain approach is organic, intuitive and purposeful; rooted in etymology.  My “Word DNA” and “Word Family Tree“ concepts map out the path to finding  the correct answer for any subject matter with a specificity that is not offered in the classroom setting. 

With this foundation, the cultivation of lifelong learning begins; be it standardized exam preparation, professional exam readiness, mastering terminology for trade or specialized schools, mastery of the English language, or a better understanding of current technology. 

Learn, grow, explore, and Cultivate Lifelong Learning with ScholarBrain!

Qualifications and Certifications:

I received my BFA in Drama from New York University and my Masters Degree in Communications from Georgia State University.  I completed training and earned my certificate in TESOL in 2021.

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